Callowell Primary School

Congratulations to our school football team - Riddiford Shield District Champions 2021!

Congratulations to our school rugby team -  District Champions 2021!

Fantastic news...We are very proud to be hosting The FA Wildcats Girls' Football Club at Callowell Primary School, in collaboration with Randwick Football Club.

For more information about this opportunity for girls of primary school age, please contact Mr Bown, Christine Flynn or alternatively visit:

This is a typical term's club offer.


Friday - Football and Rugby Club with Mr Bown & Ms Johnston (Whole school)

                      Wednesday Judo Club with Mr Neale                             Years 1-6

Thursday<br>Netball Club<br>with Mr Sisson & Mr Woodall<br>Key Stage 2
Netball Club
with Mr Sisson & Mr Woodall
Key Stage 2
Thursday<br>Eco Club<br>with Miss Guerrini & Miss Johnson<br>Key Stage 2
Eco Club
with Miss Guerrini & Miss Johnson
Key Stage 2
Thursday<br>Art Club<br> with Miss Hewitt and Mrs Wilson<br>Year 1 & 2
Art Club
with Miss Hewitt and Mrs Wilson
Year 1 & 2
Friday<br>Archery Club<br>with Mr Sisson and Mrs Knill
Archery Club
with Mr Sisson and Mrs Knill

Other clubs we have run last year include

Cricket Practice<br>Selected Year 5 & 6
Cricket Practice
Selected Year 5 & 6
Rounders Club<br>Key Stage 2
Rounders Club
Key Stage 2
Taskmaster Club<br>Key Stage 2
Taskmaster Club
Key Stage 2

Cookery Club

Year 1

Multi-Sports Club

Years 1 & 2