Callowell Primary School

An Evolving Curriculum


Our Personalised Curriculum was first developed in 2012. We anticipated the arrival of the 2014 curriculum and were pro-active in creating a knowledge and skills based curriculum, broad and rich, which would prepare our children for successful careers in a plethora of directions. This curriculum was developed utilising the combined expertise of staff, wider professionals and bodies, pupils, governors and even past pupils. It is reviewed on a yearly basis by skilled subject leaders in order to keep content relevant, meaningful, purposeful and inspiring for our Callowell children. Our journey is documented in the book, ‘Introducing Our New Personalised Curriculum’. This book is available to view in the school office!


Below are some pictures from our Creative Curriculum Launch in 2013. Our topic was Canals, which inspired cross curricular work across all ages. We enjoyed trips to the local canals, streams, rivers and locks and even travelled further afield to Brunel's SS Great Britain. We enjoyed workshops at the museum and created spoons and milk churns in canal art styles and presented these at exhibitions for our school community! There was an infamous water walk and even a dramatisation of Brunel's life and works. Of course, this topic naturally inspired lots of work on conservation, wildlife and nature - not to mention numerous colourful, interactive and informative displays around the school! Not bad for a trial run - the children were MAGNIFICENT!