Callowell Primary School

Confident, Caring, Creative


EYFS Art and DT Gallery

The children in preschool and reception classes have been very busy practising their creative skills in many ways!


Key Stage 1 Art and DT Gallery

Pupils in Year 1 and 2 have explored plants and flowers recently through their artwork.


Key Stage 2 Art and DT Gallery

Lots going on in Key Stage 2 after an interrupted year from mosaic printing and impasto style collages in Years 3 and 4 to work in DT on Viking Long ships and artwork inspired by Picasso and the New Zealand artist Flox.


Sharing and Celebrating Our Pupil's Independent Work

I am always really pleased when a pupil or their class teacher shares with me pieces of work that they have done independently and are particularly proud of! The images below show a range of work from children in KS2 and is great to see that each artist has their own recognisable style. One of the children has actually had their work printed as a range of cards by a local museum.



Callowell Young Photographer Challenge

During lockdown the children were encouraged to take part in a photographic challenge that showcased not only their artistic skills but also the wealth of beauty and interest of the local area.

Lots of children across the year groups submitted photographs and choosing the best ones proved too much for one person, with a panel of judges needed. The most striking entries were produced on canvas and proudly hang on the school walls but many of the other entries can be found outside, dotted around the grounds.  We were really impressed with the children's composition and creativity!

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