Callowell Primary School

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Computing at Callowell


Computing Statement of Intent


We aim for all the children at Callowell Primary School to learn how to use technology to further their understanding of the world around them and develop the skills to access a wider world increasingly reliant on technology.

We have a dedicated ICT suite for our ICT lessons and a bank of other devices to support cross-curricular learning. 

Our ICT Scheme of Work has three main components:

1) Coding - Giving the children repeated, practical opportunities to apply and further their understanding of the logic, and algorithms to write computer programs to solve problems. 

2) E-Safety - Ensuring the children are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of ICT.

3) Familiarisation - Building the confidence of the children's skills using a range of programs to prepare and present their ideas and empowering them to select the most appropriate software to share their work.

 Starting in Pre-school, all our children have regularly scheduled time in the ICT suite to enable them to work on the three key areas of the curriculum and develop the skills necessary to interact with the wider world in the future.

ICT during the Covid-19 Lockdown

The lockdowns and the challenges of home learning necessitated an improvement in ICT skills for children to be able to access their home learning resources. Because the coding aspect of our curriculum is purely cloud based, the transition into home learning was simple and provided the children with a seamless continuation of what they had been doing in school. The teachers were able to see online how their class had fared on the assigned tasks and using the teacher-view, offer specific advice when the activities proved challenging.