Callowell Primary School

Callowell Mathematics - Creating Mathemagicians!

"There are three types of people - those who are good at maths and those who aren't."

Did you hear about the sheep dog who kept miscounting? The poor dog kept rounding up...

A customer ordered a pizza. "Would you like your pizza cut into four or eight slices?" the server asked politely. After much thought, the customer replied,

"Four please...I don't think I could eat eight slices!"

Jokes aside, we are committed to helping everyone learn and enjoy mathematics whilst improving their skills. Everybody counts at Callowell...

Useful Websites Down Below!


Times Tables Rock Stars - Multiplication and division tables practice for all ages - every child at Callowell has a subscription!

Top Marks - Mathematics games for Early Years and Key Stage One 

NRICH - Games and activities for all ages - courtesy of Cambridge University

NCETM - Information from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics