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PE at Callowell

PE Statement of Intent

We aim for all the children at Callowell Primary School to live active and healthy lives. Our intention is to expose the children to a wide variety of different active pursuits in order for them to find the one they will want to pursue into adulthood. They also develop the concept of a personal challenge, implementing the will and desire to improve and achieve their own personal best.

We are incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing site with a large hall, a playground big enough to feature two netball courts and a large field which at different times of the year hosts multiple football/rugby pitches, rounders courts, archery ranges and eight lane athletics tracks. This means we have the luxury of being able to choose the most suitable venue for whatever activity we are doing. 

At Callowell, we follow the Lancashire planning scheme which builds on prior learning to add further skills as the child moves through the school.

Each class has two lessons of PE a week, one taught by the teacher and one team taught by a PE specialist and the class teacher as part of their ongoing CPD.



In the Foundation Stage, the children work on their gross and fine motor skills, balance and strength to help them control and co-ordinate their movements and travel confidently.

In Key Stage 1, the children learn the fundamental skills that they will need to take part in games as they get older. Areas of study include - Throwing, Rolling & Catching games, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Net/Wall games and Striking/Fielding games.

In Lower Key Stage 2, the children reinforce their skills and look to apply them in different activities. Areas of study include - Invasion Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Striking/Fielding Games, Athletics & Net/Wall games.

In Upper Key Stage 2, the children use the skills they have honed in specific sporting contexts. Areas of study include - Netball, Gymnastics, Dance, Tag Rugby, Cricket, Net/Wall Games, Athletics, Hockey, Rounders & OAA.

All children have the opportunity to swim in Key Stage 2.

Our typical curriculum lessons are complemented by a range of external experiences such as expert yoga and tag rugby coaching and supported by enrichment activity days such as climbing, caving, archery, streetdance and zumba.

In addition to their curriculum PE, we offer a wide range of after-school clubs which have included Archery, Athletics, Cricket, Football, Gymnastics/Dance/Drama, Rounders and Tag Rugby for KS2 and Archery & Multi-Sports for Key Stage 2.

Additionally, we have hosted an external club for Tennis.

Details of how this is funded can be seen in the PE Premium reports.

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PE during the Covid-19 Lockdown

Conscious of the challenges physical activity faced during the enforced school lockdowns, we had a twofold approach. On an individual level, the children were challenged to complete a physical activity bingo board. Two of these were issued, each with 9 activities in January and February. 


We also posted twice weekly #ThisIsPE challenges from the AFPE for the children to do at home. They don't need any special equipment and can be easily adapted to make them easier or harder. These were all posted on this page and on the Classdojo site with teachers signposting the activities for their children to take part in.

Number 16 – Horizontal Climbing

For our final This Is Pe Challenge, watch the video to see what you need to do. If you haven’t got enough socks, maybe use different coloured socks or other clothes to mark the hand holds. Send in a video for your dojo – double points for Fancy Dress Friday.

Number 13 - Mirror Movements

Have a look at the video to see what you need to do. If you haven't got a partner, why not use some music and link the movements to the beats.

Number 12 - Agility & Catching

Have a look at the video to see what you need to do. You will need some objects to grab and throw and some containers to throw them into. Double points for fancy dress Friday.

Number 11 - Catching

Watch the video to see what you need to do. You need some rolled up socks and something bigger like a filled pillowcase or rolled up jumper.

Send in your videos for your dojos.

Number 10 - Flat Target Accuracy

Watch the video to see what you need to do. Today builds on the throwing for accuracy challenge from a few weeks ago. You need some paper and something you can throw that won’t roll/bounce too much like a pair of socks.

Send in your videos for your dojos, double points for Fancy dress Friday

Number 9 - Fast Feet

If you can, use equipment you have two of to avoid collisions. Send in a video for your dojo.

Number 8 - King of the Cones

Watch the video to see what you need to do. Today you will need some balls, some targets and someone to compete with.

Send in your videos for your dojos.

Number 7 - Agility

Demonstrate your agility with running and dodging. Make sure you are doing this in a safe space and suitable footwear. Don’t run too fast if you are inside.

Send in a video for your dojo.

Number 6 - Jumping Combinations

Today you will need some long material like ties, long socks or rolled up tea towels.
Send in your videos for your dojos

Number 5 - Balloon Blast

Hone your reactions with these balloon games.

Number 4 - Rock & Roll Gymnastics

Demonstrate your core strength and flexibility by rocking and rolling, maybe even to your feet. Make sure you do this in an area with enough space so you don’t bang your head and that the floor isn’t too hard that you hurt your back. Send in a video for your dojo.

Number 3 - Throwing For Accuracy

Change the size of the object you are throwing, the target you are throwing at, the distance you are throwing and the hand you are using. 
Send in a picture or video for your dojo. Double dojos for Fancy Dress Friday like in the video!

Number 2 - Footwork Patterns

Practice your heel to toe movements, sidesteps and lunges Make sure you are safe in your environment. If inside, don’t do it in socks as you are likely to slip. Send in a picture or video for your dojo.

Number 1 - Co-ordination with Ball Skills

Grab a bat and ball or even a book and some scrunched up paper and see how many bounces you can do. Send in a picture or video for your dojo.