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At Callowell, above all, we want children to be successful communicators. We follow the 'I Am A Clever Writer' approach that is a systematic, step by step approach to writing, which leads to success. It allows children to be exposed to new skills whilst constantly embedding skills already taught. Our writing strategy at Callowell allows children to display progression throughout the year, throughout genres of writing and throughout their time with us at Callowell in different key stages. Our approach allows all children to benefit and progress through empowerment and giving children the skills they need to become confident writers.

Handwriting and Presentation Policy

Handwriting and Presentation Policy

EYFS and Key Stage 1 Writing Progression

EYFS and KS1 Writing Progression

Key Stage Two Progression of Skills

 Immersion in writing

Learning Walls to support our learning

Able Writers Day, May 2022

We were lucky to send one of our children to this event to meet Spoz (real name Giovanni Esposito) who has been Birmingham’s Poet Laureate (2006/7), performed at Glastonbury Festival and Cheltenham Literature Festival (to name just two of many), and has facilitated poetry workshops at hundreds of schools, both in the UK and abroad. He has also been commissioned by the BBC on several occasions and even popped up on The One Show.

Spoz ran a poetry slam for the children and did work on rhyming, free writes and word bursts.

Great fun and a huge well done to those involved.

I Am A Clever Writer

We have implemented I Am A Clever Writer at Callowell in order to plan small steps for learning so that children can make significant progress in their writing. We have broken down the key skills in the Writing curriculum into small intricate steps to enable children to have a layered learning approach and ensure there is not 'too much, too soon.'

Each class has a Progression of Skills document that they can refer to, in order to challenge and support pupils with individual strands of English. Teachers at Callowell are confident with how they can move children on in English for each writing skill.