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Year Two Online Learning Example Page 

Here is an example of the type of activities and lessons provided... 


This week's P.E. is in association with our local football club. The focus is ball skills...try as many as you can, as they get more and more challenging!

Click here for calculations help from our maths leader...

Maths Lesson 1

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Maths Lesson 2

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Maths Lesson 3

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Arithmetic Week 6

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Problem Solving Challenge Week 6

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Writing Week 6

Handwriting Week 6

Guided Reading Week 6

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Guided Reading Week 6

Spellings Week 6


Science Week 6

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PowerPoint for Science
Topic Lesson Week 6
PSHCE Week 6

MUSIC WEEK 6 -This week's music is about maintaining pulse and finding beats. The children can sit and take part independently.

This week they will need a teddy or a toy!

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ONLY IF YOU HAVE TIME Maths Challenge: Brush up on those Multiplication Tables! Go into 'The Garage' for teacher set activities...

Remember help with our maths calculation methods is available here