Callowell Primary School



Our Teachers

Ms Johnston<br>Headteacher & Safeguarding Lead
Ms Johnston
Headteacher & Safeguarding Lead
Mr Sisson<br>Year 4 Teacher<br>PE & ICT Co-ordinator
Mr Sisson
Year 4 Teacher
PE & ICT Co-ordinator
Miss Hocking<BR>Year 6 Teacher<BR>KS2 Writing & Reading
Miss Hocking
Year 6 Teacher
KS2 Writing & Reading
Mr Jones<BR>Year 3 Teacher<BR>Art & DT Co-ordinator
Mr Jones
Year 3 Teacher
Art & DT Co-ordinator
Mr Bown<br>Deputy Head & Year 2 Teacher<br>Deputy Safeguarding Lead<br>Mathematics, Assessment and Attendance Co-ordinator
Mr Bown
Deputy Head & Year 2 Teacher
Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mathematics, Assessment and Attendance Co-ordinator
Miss Guerrini<br>Year 5 Teacher<br>Humanities Co-ordinator
Miss Guerrini
Year 5 Teacher
Humanities Co-ordinator
Mrs Knill<BR>Year 2 Teacher<BR>KS1 Writing Co-ordinator<BR>
Mrs Knill
Year 2 Teacher
KS1 Writing Co-ordinator
Miss Hewitt<br>Year 1 Teacher<br>PSHCE Co-Ordinator<br>School Council Leader
Miss Hewitt
Year 1 Teacher
PSHCE Co-Ordinator
School Council Leader
Mrs Vaughan<br>SENCO<br>
Mrs Vaughan
Mrs Ferguson<BR>KS1 Reading Co-ordinator
Mrs Ferguson
KS1 Reading Co-ordinator
Mrs Tempest<BR>Reception Teacher<bR>Early Years Leader
Mrs Tempest
Reception Teacher
Early Years Leader
Mr Williams<BR>Y3 Teacher<BR>Science Co-ordinator<br>Music Co-ordinator
Mr Williams
Y3 Teacher
Science Co-ordinator
Music Co-ordinator

Our Teaching Assistants, Administration and Other Staff

Miss May<br>Reception Teaching Assistant<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss May
Reception Teaching Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Johnson<br>Year 5 Teaching Assistant<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Johnson
Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Wilson<br>Year 1 Teaching Assistant<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Wilson
Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Llewellyn<br>Assistant Administrator
Mrs Llewellyn
Assistant Administrator
Miss Brown<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Brown
Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Green<br>Caterlink School Cook
Miss Green
Caterlink School Cook
Miss Hewish<br>Year 6 Teaching Assistant<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Hewish
Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Peacey<br>Year 2 Teaching Assistant <br>General Administrator
Mrs Peacey
Year 2 Teaching Assistant
General Administrator
Mrs Porter<br>Year 3 Teaching Assistant<br>Swimming Coach
Mrs Porter
Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Swimming Coach
Mrs Warnaby<br>Finance Manager
Mrs Warnaby
Finance Manager
Miss Deacon<br>Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Deacon
Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Dromgoole<br>Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Miss Dromgoole
Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Miss Duncan<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Duncan
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Callinan<br>Year 3 Teaching Assistant<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Callinan
Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Baynham<br>Caretaker, Cleaner & Swimming Coach
Mr Baynham
Caretaker, Cleaner & Swimming Coach
Mrs Bennett<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Bennett
Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Short<br>Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Miss Short
Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Miss Cooke<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Cooke
Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Legg<br>Caterlink School Cook
Miss Legg
Caterlink School Cook