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Covid Catch-Up Premium Plan




Our Summer 2019 Key Stage 2 Results

Average Progress Scores: Awaiting publication

Averaged Scaled Scores: Reading 108, SPAG 109, Mathematics 108

Percentage of children who achieved the expected standard or above:

Reading 88%, Writing 80%, Mathematics 96%

Percentage of children who achieved a high level of attainment:

Reading 56%, Writing 12%, Mathematics 32%

Combined Percentages

Expected Standard 80%, High level of attainment 12%



All policies can be seen in the School Office.

Some of our policies can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

Safe Working Practices Policy

Behaviour Policy (Including Anti-Bullying Policy)

Blended & Remote Learning Policy

Charging Policy

Complaints Procedure

S.E.N.D. Policy

S.E.N.D. School Offer

Child Protection Policy

Disability Equality Scheme & Equal Opportunity Policy

Admission of Pupils with Disability Statement

Acceptable Use of ICT




Health and Safety 


Staff Code of Conduct 


New Staff Induction Policy


Callowell Primary profile information can now be viewed online via the Directgov website. The School Profile is a new way for schools to report annually to parents. It replaces the Governors' Annual Report. 
All schools use the same simple format, designed to provide information about the school's performance and it's broader achievements, both in and beyond the classroom. The School Profile is intended to give parents the information they need to understand the school's performance, strengths and areas for improvement.

Each profile contains the following information:
* the school’s successes
* details of extra-curricular activities
* health and safety information
* the school's response to the latest Ofsted report 
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