Callowell Primary School


Who are the PTA?

Current PTA Members:

Chairs (Jan 2019 - Present): Laura Bennett

Deputy Chair (Jan 2019 - present): Becky Benson

Treasurer -July 2019–present – Claire Emery

Members: Ella Callinan, Tracy Wilson, Becky Benson, , Beccy Tempest, Linda Johnston, Anne-Marie Bachelor, Abi Wheeler, Leon Mustoe, Charlie Adams, Abigail Cole, Sally Turley and Kelly Campbell and Mr Sisson helps us a lot!

Parents who have helped us this year: as well as all the above PTA members a number of parents have stepped in occasionally to help with events and projects:

Bronwynne Bird, Kate Beckinsale-Smith, Claire Mustoe, Miss May, Mr Bown, Sonia Shiers, Debbie Hopes, Jen Edmonds, Paula King

What fundraising events have we put on?

This year we have held a number of well attended/supported fundraisers: Summer Fete, Valentine Disco, Smartie Tube Challenge, Film Nights, Bingo Night, Halloween Disco, Quiz, and will be holding the children’s Christmas event as well. We hold tuckshops at the end of every term which are popular with the children, and the weekly cake sale is also run by the PTA.

What is the money is spent on?

The money has gone towards plenty for the school this year:  The purchase of 15 Computers enabling all children to have access to an individual computer when they go to the IT  suite. Y6 Cattle Country Trip, Year 6 Year book, Zoo Lab, Poly tunnel for the gardening club

Next Year's aim

We plan to raise funds for a new outdoor learning facility for preschool and reception, new ovens for the afterschool cookery activity, cameras for year group teachers, and end of school year activities.

Who can join the PTA?

The PTA is open to all parents and it is easy to get involved. Meetings are held regularly and usually posted on Class Dojo to notify parents they are happening. It is not necessary to come along to every meeting to be involved – some members choose to help in practical ways when they can, others are happy to organise events, or share ideas at meetings. All are welcome!