Pine Class (Reception & Year1)

In Pine class we have been exploring how the environment changes during the Autumn. We have been for an Autumnal walk around the school grounds and a walk to Stratford Park, where we collected signs of Autumn. We are planning to use these items to create some Autumn artwork. We have also been reading the story 'The Leaf Thief', poor Squirrel thinks all his leaves are being stolen! Bird helps him to understand who the real leaf thief is. This text has been our inspiration for learning how to retell a story and we have been using different methods including small world play and oral retellings. In Maths, we are learning to master our number skills focusing on numbers 1 to 5. The two main skills we have been developing are subitising and composition. As well as our maths lessons we have also been engaging in practical maths through continuous provision activities. We have also been exploring the story 'The Colour Monster'. The Colour Monster is full of different emotions and we are learning to understand these different emotions and what they can look like. As well as investigating the Autumn, we are also looking at the weather in the UK. Every morning we complete a date and weather chart and we enjoy creating our own weather reports in our weather station roleplay area. We have really been enjoying settling into our new class and investigating our learning areas and are excited for the continuation of our learning journey.