The foundations of Reading

At Callowell, we strive for all of our children to become fluent readers and writers. This is why we selected the Twinkl Phonics Programme, validated by the Department of Education. We begin teaching Phonics in Nursery, through Level 1. During this stage, learners develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to discriminate between and use auditory, environmental and instrumental sounds. Level 1 is taught in the EYFS and runs throughout the teaching of Phonics Levels 2-6. In Reception, children work within levels 2-4. It is during this stage that children are exposed to phonemes and graphemes systematically. Their Phonics Level will be closely matched to books that are sent home to read with parents and carers. The repetition will allow children to apply previously taught sounds and will enable them to develop their fluency. Children will also learn to develop and apply blending and segmenting skills for reading and writing. Within Years 1 and 2, children will work within Levels 5 and 6. This is a coherently planned sequence of lessons that allows children to apply their Phonics knowledge and skills as the prime approrach to reading and spelling. Children focus on phonetically decodable two-syllable and three syllable words and the alternativeways of pronouncing and representing long vowel phonemes. In addition, children will explore some spelling patterns and grammatical rules, whilst also developing a breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding in the recognition and spelling of common exception words.

The Twinkl Phonics programme intends to develop each child's confidence, resilience and engagement in Phonics lessons and a love for reading and writing.