Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Special Educational needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Our Callowell Primary School community values the diverse nature of the school population and all pupils at some time in their education might need additional support in a particular area of their learning and understanding or in developing their social, emotional and behavioural skills. 

A pupil has SEN where their learning difficulty or disability calls for special educational provision; that is provision different from or additional to that normally available to pupils of the same age.

Pupils may have needs in one or more of the following areas:

  •  Communication and interaction
  •  Cognition and learning
  •  Social, emotional and mental health
  •  Physical and medical

Whatever the need of the pupil we will ensure that through early identification and intervention, an appropriate SEND plan is provided with parental involvement at an early stage.

If a pupil requires a SEND plan for their special educational need or disability, they will be placed on the ‘Graduated Pathway’; this provides the right level of support at the right time. 

 A link can be found below: Details on the Graduated Pathway


All SEND plans are reviewed with parents/carers at least every term, along with myself, the class teacher and any other agencies involved. At the review, appropriate adjustments are made to the plan to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the pupils.

The SEND ASSESS, PLAN, DO, REVIEW cycle takes place at specific points during the year, following a personal invite to the review:

  • 1st week after the October half term
  • 1st week after the February half term
  • 1st week after the May half term

If at any point parents/carers have concerns about their child’s progress or attainment, or suspect the child may have additional needs, they are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss their concerns with their child’s class teacher and/or me, Mrs Wainwright.

A request to meet with me can either be made:

  • Via the school office
  • Through the school’s email address: admin@cps.cbat.academy 
  • By approaching me while I’m out on the playground in the morning. I am more than happy to book an appointment to discuss your concerns further.

Mrs Wainwright

Deputy Head, SENDCo and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead