At Callowell Primary School, we are currently working on the development of an exciting new curriculum. Rather than letting subjects drive the curriculum, it is important that it enables children to develop the skills and knowledge they need in order for them to have a greater understanding of the world they live in today, the past and what part they will play in its future.

Drivers will be used to propel the curriculum offer across the school to ensure it is enriched and personalised to meet the needs of the Callowell community. The main drivers for our curriculum delivery are a deepening of skills and knowledge, thematic experiences, immersion and diversity. 

' ...have the confidence and understanding to know how to use or link other learning and skills in order to develop new concepts!' 

 Deepening of Skills and Knowledge 

It is important that the curriculum at Callowell enables all children to have the essential building blocks at the start of their educational journey.  This will be a continual process of children learning new skills and building upon prior knowledge from Reception to Year 6. In doing so, all children will build connections between concepts, secure a deeper knowledge, develop and explore new skills to secure future learning.        

“What do you remember from when you were in primary school?” “What made it memorable?” 

Thematic experiences and immersion 

We want our children to feel confident to make links between the skills they are acquiring and to be able to use their skills to develop their understanding of key concepts and ideas. Therefore, we have designed a curriculum that promotes thematic links wherever learning has an exciting context to it. We know that children are more likely to retain information if they can make links with other areas of learning. The curriculum is based around real, purposeful experiences, explorative activities and trips. We aim to make learning imaginative, creative, engaging and transferrable.  


“A celebration of the richness of our differences” 

The Callowell Curriculum focuses on exposing our pupils to people from all walks of life, including and going beyond their school community and local community. We feel we have a responsibility to ensure children recognise the abundant diversity of cultures and provide opportunities for them to learn from all their unique qualities.  

Below are the Autumn Curriculum overviews for each class for the Autumn term. These overviews will give you an insight of what each class is doing, in each subject.